Light, Seeking God

Hints from Suicidal Hyacinths

As the weather has been cold and rainy my body has been betraying me with pain.  Fibromyalgia always acts up when the weather is like this.  I try very hard not to let the pain, the medicine, and fatigue win.  I just want to be a regular Mom.  But what is that?  If “I” was to evaluate the qualities of a good Mom these would be on the list….

Good Listener
Homework Helper
Counselor and spiritual guide
Provider of something to eat, clean clothes, tissues, and Tylenol.
Global positioning system in charge of locating backpacks, homework, favorite clothes, favorite toys, shoes, and socks.
Maintains order in the home.
Personal planner

I am sure many would have a lot to say about what I missed, but gosh darn it I am a Good Mom. 

This afternoon when I got home from running some medicine to school I smelled the hyacinths I bought.  I looked over and realized these plants are almost suicidal for the light.  My husband and I wondered if they would jump out of the pot.  If they could then they would be drawn together by the light.

When I meditated more on them I realized none of them were leaning toward each other for life, or anything else.  They are only focused on the light they need for life.  The Light is what brings them together. This week I am gonna rest in reaching for the Light.  I am not gonna waste my time comparing myself with someone else, or look to others to show me what I could do better.  I am gonna reach for the Light of the World even if it kills the confidence killers in my life. Even my own thoughts of self. There I will find fellowship with others in the light and the life the Light gives.

My suicidal hyacinths are smarter than they seem.  They pointed me to light.  I want to be someone who points to the Light of the world. I love how God uses the simple things in life to reveal Himself to us.  The creator of the universe made flowers so I would know how much I need Him.  He made them for you too!
  Find more about The Light below, and rest in it Beloved. ❤ Melinda

1 John 1:7
John 1:8
John 12:46
Ephesians 5:8
1 Thessalonians 5:5

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