Heart Strings

Understanding the Resurrection Morning Accounts

As I have read about the resurrection morning and cross referenced the different gospel accounts I asked myself, “What really happened?”  Of course that cannot be answered because we were not there.  Some ask why the accounts are so different and how can we come to the conclusion that any of it really happened.  So I decided to investigate this myself.  I came upon some interesting reads that I will share.  I pray they shed some light on the resurrection accounts.  One site gave the idea to write down the parts of the accounts and compare them to each other. I recommend you do this for yourself this week meditating on the accounts given and praying for revelation from the Lord.  To help you out here are the chapters of the bible covering the resurrection:

Here are some explanations I found rather interesting that shed light on that morning:
Something I thought of while studying this is how easy it is for one story to be told by one person, and after it gets to the hundredth person it can be a totally different account. In the days of the resurrection news spread by word of mouth.  A look at the men on the road to Emmaus tells us that.  Here is a great game to explain why this happens Bible Word of God Game.
Share what you know about the resurrection as a comment this week.  In all the accounts the tomb is empty.  That is all I need to know!  He is Risen, Hallelujah!

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