Heart Strings

When life calls you to Creative Rest

I have been in therapy for three years having my mind renewed with the word of God and the love and support of wonderful Christian women who have experienced like circumstances in their upbringing.  It has been a definite roller coaster ride of emotions, but there has been certain healing that has occurred.  The layers of protection one can place around her heart is amazing to me, and my heart is one I am talking about.  To say I survived childhood sexual abuse used to seem strange to me.  Then my eyes were opened to the stark truth of the trauma I endured.

Recently I have been going through another layer of healing, revealing horrific memories in nightmares, and flashbacks when I am awake. They have been stuck in my mind and need to move to old memory so I can go on with my live.  God has led me to this time to heal. Like always I continue to “do,” even though I really need to rest at the feet of the Savior and let him shower me with his love.  I need to wash his feet with my tears, and be still and know that He is God.  However the drive to be a doer of the word pushes me to continue doing.  So I struggle with how I am going to minister the words of God through this blog to those who are in need of a word from him in this season of their life.  Then I remember I only minister because He minister’s to me.

As His Beloved, we need to stop and be filled, and healed.  Sometimes for a moment, and sometimes we need intensive care.  Allowing ourselves to be open and reveal our broken selves to others may be the most creative thing we have ever done.  Letting the Creator of us do the creating through us is our goal anyway right.  This week remember what work we are called to do first.  That is to believe on the one whom was sent.  Jesus, the lover of our souls.  In all things you do rest, and allow the creator to bless you.  Don’t forget to check out Faith Barista for more on resting every Thursday. The link is to the right of this post. ❤ Melinda

This week lay at his feet and rest in His words:
Matt 11:28, Mark 6:31, Hebrew 3:10-12, Psalm 46:10, Hebrews 4:10-11.

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