Heart Strings

Unity From A Tower’s Perspective.

This week I was at the feet of the Lord asking what words He wanted me to share with you.  He brought me to a familiar story, and threw in a twist about unity that I want to share with you.

It begins in the Old Testament with a story about people who all spoke the same language. It is the story of the The Tower of BabelGenesis 11 tells us the story.  Go there now and get the whole picture.
http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Genesis%2011&version=NLT   Now that you know the story.  Here are some questions I had about the people who first settled in Babylon.
-I found it interesting that they were migrating.  Why?-How did they come to the conclusion that building a city would make them famous?-What made them want to remain together?  
Well, we know why they may have wandered.  They were in a desert. When there is need of water and other resources are scarce it is time to move.  
Even today famous people flock to the city, but who builds the cities?  Usually there is group of men with the funds and ability.  If you go back to chapter 10 you will find there was a famous man named Nimrod.  He was the greatest hunter in the world.  If you stuck with him you were sure to eat.   Because he had this fame he led the people to build this city to become his kingdom.  So they were under the assumption possibly that they would share in his fame.
Remain together?  God commanded their forefathers to fill the earth.  So why were they wanting to be in the same place?  I think pride. Remember they wanted to be famous.
So what did God do with them when they began to build the tower?  He said let us go down and confuse their speech or they will be able to do anything they put their minds to.
How is it these people, who disobeyed God and put their ego before what He commanded their forefathers, would be able to do whatever they put their minds to?  It was unity.

There is power in unity.  Although we may speak different languages and are scattered all over the earth when Christians unite in unity the power of God is promised to be in the midst of us.

We are all one body who God has led to speak one language.  His Word the language of love.
Yet just like the first Babylonian people some of us want to be famous.  If we build this denomination over here, and we have more people we will be famous.  If I do not like what God commanded though it comes down to me from my forefather’s, I can make new rules.  Of course I have to have others to follow those rules with me so I need others to want to be famous with me.

I don’t know about you, but I have learned that what God commands is key to our prosperity.  He commands unity in the Spirit.  He is inviting us to prosper if we choose to follow Him in obedience to unity in the body of Christ.  Where are you in God’s plan for unity in the Spirit?  Have you wanted to make a name for yourselves, or for your God?  Are you frustrated lately and confused because of it.  Let us choose to make God famous by living in unity.  United in the common purpose of making Christ famous in the world.  Not ourselves.  If the ancient Babylonians could do anything in unity.  Imagine what we can do with the power of God if we come together?  Have we reached a time when we have to lay ourselves down with our differences, pick up up the cross, and band together. This is what I believe God showed me in His Word this week. If we want to build the kingdom of God it is time for unity. 

This week’s daily meditations are linked to Bible Gateway:

Ephesians 4:3
1 Peter 3:8
Matthew 18:20
Psalm 133:1
Matthew 18:19

Until next week ❤ Melinda

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