Heart Strings

Following Jesus or the Yellow Brick Road

As we are born again and come into relationship with Jesus, we learn that we are to follow Him.  He commands us to.  Well, what does that mean exactly?  Jesus told his disciples to “Follow Him, and He would make them fishers of men.”  Where did He go?  After death, burial, and resurrection He ascended into heavenly places where He is seated at the right hand of God.  Is this where He wants us to follow Him to?  Yes.  His desire is for us to understand the work He did, and believe it is finished like He says.

When I began thinking about that and asked the Lord what to write this week I was led to The Wizard of Oz.  Most everyone knows that story.  Dorothy goes over the rainbow.  Her house lands on a wicked witch.  A good witch comes to see what happened.  The sister of the dead witch shows up angry and threatens her.  Then the good witch puts her in some new sparkly ruby slippers.  She intsructs Dorothy to hold tight to the powerof those shoes, and follow the yellow brick road to the wizard.  The Wizard just might help her get back home.  As she travels along she makes three new friends who need a new brain, a heart, and some courage.  They join her on the journey to the wizard.  During the journey they are threatened by the wicked witch of the west.  She wants the power in the ruby slippers.  The witch is determined to get them back. 

When we accept Christ and are seated in heavenly places with Him.  We assume the work He accomplished and the victory He has over the enemy.  Satan was stripped of all power.  Like Dorothy we need to hold tight to the power God has given us, and the finished work of Christ.”

In the end of the movie, Dorothy finds out the wizard is a phony.  She asks the good witch why she told her to go to the wizard.  The good witch says, you had to learn to use the power you were given on your own.  Dorothy had no confidence in her ability to use the ruby slippers until after she followed the yellow brick road and has many adventures that lead her astray. 

Like Dorothy we can find ourselves over the rainbow with no idea what to do.  We need to trust the power we have been given through Christ’s work.  I have however, found myself looking for the yellow brick road and the phony wizard.  I have found myself walking in fear and not in power. We need to learn how to believe on the one whom He has sent, and wield the power given to us. 

Have you ever forgotten where you are seated?  Have you ever looked for the yellow brick road or the wizard?  Have you walked in fear and allowed the enemy to make you think he had more power?

Comment below with your answer.

  Here is something to meditate on this week:  Luke 10:10, Romans 8:31,37, Isaiah 54:17
Matthew 4:19, Matthew 10:48, John 6:29,Romans 14:23, Ephesians 2:6, John 6:29    <3Melinda

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