Heart Strings

One Way!

Resolutions are on everyone’s mind as the New Year comes in.  We look back and see what was good and what needs improvement.  It may be our weaknesses, or some may want to strengthen their strengths.  According to the New Edition of the Merriam-Webster Dictionary the root of resolution is resolute.  It states the definition of resolute as firmly determined in purpose, steadfast, true, and loyal.
The other night as I was taking my children to my Mom for New Year’s Eve I came to a new intersection.  I have driven it a few times, but suddenly noticed I had gone the wrong way down a One Way street.  The first thing I thought is kind of amusing.  Did anyone see that?  The next day bringing them home I was still reminding myself of my error and thanking God I could see the intersection in the light.  I am determined never to go that way again!
In life we do the same thing.  We make choices that shoot us off in the wrong direction.  There are dangers which lurk there, but we either are not thinking, or ignoring the warning. Then suddenly if we make it we are glad no one saw us do that.  If we are not so blessed, we encounter another coming from the other way and there is a Major accident.  If we are leaders, it can be worse.  I had my children in the car that night.  Another reason I am determined never to do that again is for their safety ultimately.  Some like me may turn that way because it is dark and they cannot see where they are going.  The road they are taking is unfamiliar to them.  They need the light to shine on their path like I needed to see the One Way sign.  The light made it more familiar to me so I could observe what I had done and set my course for a later date.
Jesus is the light of the world.  In this world there is massive darkness.  Sometimes those that know the way to go warn us and we do not listen.  Other times they keep silent and don’t share their mistakes or the knowledge that they have of the right way to go.  We as Christians are His ambassadors.  It is our ultimate goal to lead others to the way, the truth, and the life which is Jesus (see John 14:6).  We also need to encourage each other as we learn from our mistakes or gain new knowledge about The Way so we can lead others properly.
This week’s meditations are on The Way and our role in it.  Be resolute in going that way.
John 14:6, Jeremiah 6:16, Isaiah 30:21, Colossians 1:9-10, Revelations 3:3
Have a blessed New Year,

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