Coming to God

You have to come to Him before you can Follow Him.

Today my daughter asked me if I was going to take her to get her hair cut.  I told her last week that I was.  She keeps asking me however.  I told her it was like asking God to give her water over and over again when all she had to do was turn on the spigot.  Then it would run cold and refreshing just like He said it would if we asked for it.  It had been my promise and invitation to her.

In Isaiah 55, we read God’s invitation for all to come when we are thirsty.  It follows telling us we need to come to the water, that we don’t need any money, and that we can have milk or wine.  Do you, like me, come to him asking for water knowing we can have milk or wine.  When we come we know that we can get the pure spiritual milk of the Word of God, or the Anointing of the Holy Spirit in His wine.  Still we ask for water if and when we come.  Other times we are reminded, after we have come to Him, we have been called to follow Him.  We do the worldly thing trying to please him. It’s as if we need something we see as valuable to get what he offers for free.  Have you ever gone to the grocery store and picked up an item that was buy one get one free?  What if you took it to the cashier and demanded to pay for it anyway?  What do you imagine she would say? I imagine she would tell the other cashiers about this crazy person who would not take what was offered for free.  My points are as follows:
1.  We are invited to come to Him.
2.  Its free to come, the price was paid on the cross.
3.  We can’t follow Him if we don’t come to Him.

 What is keeping you from coming to the God of your salvation?  What do you believe you need to bring with you in order to please your Host?  Why are you trying to follow someone you can’t come to?

My daughter knew to come to me for reassurance that I was going to do what I said I would.  To her it seems like an eternity since I promised and when she will actually go to the beauty parlor.  Is that not true of us?  Do I know the promises of God well enough to trust I can go to Him empty handed with only my belief in His Son’s work?  Do I know I can come to Him without making a fuss over whether I can, or pondering if I am worthy?  How do I expect to follow Him when I don’t come to Him?

Something to meditate on this week:
Isaiah 55, Matthew 11:28, John 6:29, Romans 10:14, Hebrews 5:14-16, Hebrews 10:35-39
Blessings beloved of God,

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